MCDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Secret of MCDVOICE Online Survey:

MCDVOICE is an online customer satisfaction conducted by one of the leading fast food chain known as McDonald’s. As the popularity of fast food is increasing day by day, the new trend of online survey is also adopted by McDonald’s but it is sad to know that many people don’t know about this online survey.

mcdvoice survey

Surprising facts about McDonald’s

McDonald’s was established by Maurice and Richard McDonald in the year 1940. The biggest fast food chain was first started with a restaurant and now McDonald’s is serving around 70 million people a day and this number is increasing. McDonald’s first started with a restaurant and now they have various outlets in different countries. McDonald’s is popular for breakfast items to chicken foods including soft drinks also. McDonald’s takes care of their customers and satisfy them in friendly manner.

McDonald’s is still popular for their delicious recipes but due to MCD VOICE they are raising their popularity. McDonald’s are offering cashback and free food items to customers who opt for online survey. If you want to enjoy cashback and burgers with your friends then do checkout following things.

Things needed for the online survey

  • Smartphone/Tablet or pc required with an internet connection.
  • Invitation from McDonalds with a valid receipt to take survey.
  • Customer opting to take participation in the survey should have the knowledge to read and recognize Spanish or English.

Steps needed to take participation:

  • You have to access McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey site.
  • Opt for language as per your ability
  • To start with the survey you have to insert receipt number provided to you, number of the store you have recently visited, recent visited date, proper time you have visited, and the total order amount.
  • Enter your answer honestly.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, you will be prompted with a validation code and you have to save the special offer which is engraved on the receipt.
  • Save the code which is been used to claim the offer. Keep in mind that special offer get expired after the 30 days according to the printed receipt date. You cannot use one offer twice as it is valid for only single visit.

Facts to be understood regarding MCDVOICE

Completing this survey is pretty easy and valuable. MCDVOICE is an online voice survey which helps McDonald’s in terms of customer satisfaction. Main goal of McDonald’s is to give gratitude to their customers in form of cashback and help them to improve the services along with quality of food. MCDVOICE management results in gaining attention towards the online survey.

End conclusion

I would like to wrap up this article with some final thoughts. Do checkout all the points and understand them properly. I have helped and engraved all the points properly.Finally this survey is use for update and development purposes. Don’t regret to take a stand to win the rewards and become a happy customer of McDonalds because this survey is taken by McDonald’s to see happy faces.

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